Snapshot #92 | 10 Things for 14 January 2018

It’s the first Snapshot of 2018! And, really, the first one in almost a month, because… just because, really. Anyway, I’ve been: searching | falling | wishing | slipping | thinking | catching | looking | baking | trying | starting

Sketchbook #28

It turns out that getting three colds in the span of a month – and dropping Thanksgiving in in the middle of that – doesn’t exactly do wonders for my creativity or productivity.

Who knew?

So… yeah. October wasn’t a fantastic month.

Really, I’m fine with it. It wasn’t great, but in general, I’m happy with what I have been getting done under the circumstances.

Snapshot #88 | 10 Things for 22 October 2017

The last two weeks would’ve been better if I didn’t keep getting colds. Still, I’ve been: loving | looking | making | enduring | starting | staying | daydreaming | hoping | thinking | exploring

Sketchbook #26

Looking back, I can split August into two distinct creative phases: for the first couple of weeks, everything was… slow. I was getting some work done, but not as much as I wanted, and I wasn’t really into any of it.

Mostly, it was because I had a week’s vacation scheduled for the middle of the month, and I didn’t want to get too deep into anything, only to lose my momentum. It wasn’t a conscious thing, but… I know that it was there. (It’s kind of a habit for me, and not one I’m happy with.)

That said: the vacation was actually helpful.

What you want vs. what you want more.

What I’m saying is, I had a lot of time to think when I was painting. And then some more when I was getting over my cold. And it struck me how much time I lose every day to things that… matter, and that I’m interested in, but that aren’t really what I want to be focussed on. It’s not procrastination, as such, it’s just… not working on the right things.

If that makes sense. I’m not sure that it does.