Snapshot #42 | 10 Things for 17 January 2016



1. rebuilding… my routines. Slowly. (And, let’s face it—this week was one big speed bump.)
2. figuring… out the giant painting that I’ve been planning… pretty much forever. I think it’s starting to make sense to me now.
3. feeling… gutted. Still.
4. sorting… through a lot of meaningless fluff to find the information I need.
5. thinking… about next-steps and long term plans.
6. wondering… if I should dye my hair again. I’m tempted. I don’t even know what colour I’m thinking about, just that I’m bored.
7. waiting… for the new Suede album. I really need this right now.
8. daydreaming… about Copenhagen. Not sure why, but I’ve bumped it up a few notches on my ‘to visit’ list.
9. rereading… Make Good Art. I’d been planning to anyway, just as a refresher, but… yeah. Again: I needed it this week.
10. breaking… out the heavy-duty winter coat. A little depressing, but it’s January, so…

Snapshot #27 | 10 Things for 21 June 2015


15 June 2015


1. playing… with my Lomo’Instant camera. So much fun.
2. buying… a huge canvas for that painting I’ve been sorta-kinda working out the details for.
3. falling… back into a few minor bad habits. Which isn’t great, but I’m already starting to rein things back in, so I’m not worried.
4. taking… a few quick day trips. I’ve really needed a change of scenery lately.
5. drinking… so much iced coffee.
6. writing… still. I have a hard time believing it.
7. deciding… which recipe from the Big Gay Ice Cream book to try first. (Coffee. Almost definitely coffee. You may be sensing a pattern, here.)
8. feeling… productive. For once.
9. looking… for background noise. (What podcasts do you like? Audio-only, intelligent, ideally around 30 minutes an episode. Tweet me with your recommendations.)
10. working… on some new ideas for the blog.

Sketchbook #1

Art + Craft, Writing

Starting today, I’ll be sharing updates and behind-the-scenes looks at the various creative projects I’m working on: writing, painting, photography, whatever works I happen to have in progress. It’s probably going to take a couple of tries before I figure out the format, but you can expect to see these Sketchbook posts on the last Monday of each month. Love it? Hate it? Have something else you’d like to see? Tell me what you think!

Untitled (Medium Test 1) |

An early, small-scale test. If it was 2’x3′ instead of 5″x7″, I’d be tempted to just leave it as-is.

I’ve had vague ideas for a painting for a while now—nothing complicated, just an abstract with some text, but I haven’t been entirely sure how I wanted to tackle it. But I’ve started some tests (mostly playing with different ways of applying the paint and what sort of texture I want to add), and I think I’ve got an idea of what I want the text to be, so I seem to finally be making progress. (Which is good, because I’m kind of getting sick of that one giant empty wall.)

That said, I need to top up some of my paint supplies; I’ve still got plenty of titanium white, but it’s starting to thicken up a bit, and I need to get some new black. Which means I’m going to obsess over whether mars black or ivory black is better for this particular piece, because I’m ridiculous like that. (The final project will involve a lot more black than the test piece above.)

Still: progress!

Somehow, I’m also making progress on the writing project I started a couple of weeks ago.

I’m still working without any sort of outline, though that’s probably going to change very soon. So far, I’ve just been writing individual scenes as they come to me, completely out of order and with only the hint of a plot connecting them. And, so far, that’s worked. It’s giving me a chance to get to know the characters and their world, and the freewriting aspect is showing me what I need to be thinking about when I get into the story itself.

But. I do need to find a coherent plot within these disconnected scenes, and I need an outline to do that, even if it’s only bare-bones. I’m going to start working on that next, I think. (It turns out that there’s an advantage to limiting myself to only about 500 words a day: I can fit that in alongside outlining, and painting, and photography, and everything else I want to do right now. It’s not an either/or situation.)

And I’m happy with what I’ve been writing, which feels like a small miracle. One scene in particular might be one of the best things I’ve ever written; even if I decide it doesn’t work in the overall story, or if I still change my mind about committing to the whole story, that one scene might have to become a standalone short.

Snapshot #23 | 10 Things for 26 April 2015



1. planning… to make this cake. Next weekend. Already looking forward to it. (Seriously—look at that. It’s beautiful.)
2. wondering… where the year has gone. I could’ve sworn it was still February.
3. drinking… coffee. Lots of coffee. ♥
4. stocking… up on Instax film. (It seems like none of my local stores carry it anymore, so when I find some, I go a little nuts.)
5. looking… for something new to read.
6. getting… frustrated. Mostly with myself.
7. needing… to read this. The timing of this post was perfect.
8. working… on a new site design. (Finally.) It’s a little more involved than just choosing a new WordPress theme this time around, and I want to do it right.
9. thinking… about a painting (I need to do a few experiments before I get too deep).
10. starting… to feel a little better.

Snapshot #8: 10 Things for 14 September 2014


13 September 2014


1. doing… something about the builder’s beige.
2. working… out the details.
3. debating… whether to cut my hair or let it grow. I’ve been growing it out (I’m a little sick of not being able to pull it back), but it’s reached the point where I really want to chop it off.
4. realizing… that I’ve been distracted, and that I need to refocus.
5. reading… The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau.
6. waiting… for the new series of Utopia to start. (In Canada. I know it’s already aired in the UK, and I’ve been anxiously avoiding spoilers.)
7. getting… back on track.
8. listening… to the new U2 album. It’s ok. Not great, not terrible.
9. fine-tuning… plans for my fall wardrobe.
10. feeling… exhausted. I haven’t taken a break all week, but I think the really hard work is just about over.