Project366: #31-40

I’ve been using my instant cameras a little more often, which is a lot of fun, but… it’s weird.

Project366: #1-10

I was genuinely nervous to start this 366 project. Like… if I hadn’t announced it here, I might have backed out at the last minute. I was tempted.

But I’m so glad I got over myself and started.

Project365: #134-140

I wasn’t feeling even remotely inspired at the beginning of the week. Can you tell? (You can probably tell.)

Weekly Photo Challenge 2016 | Week #27: ‘Analog’

I shouldn’t need an excuse to play with my Lomo’Instant – I love it, and I really want to use it more than I do. As far as mechanics go, it’s the simplest camera I own (that works), and the one I’m least comfortable using. I need practice, so I’m not always relying on happy accidents like this one.