People walking on Portland Street. Photo by Reghan Skerry.

Project366: #211-220


Routine is the killer.

I kind of knew that before. I said back in June that part of my problem with photography lately is that I’m stuck in a bit of a pattern right now: I go to the same places over and over, at roughly the same time of day, travelling the same routes. I’m not seeing anything new, and that’s made it hard to see photographs I haven’t already taken.

But this week confirmed it. I finally broke out of that pattern and did something a little bit different, and started feeling inspired again. (‘Started’ being the key word, there.)

Inspired | March 2018


A list of everything that’s caught my attention this month.

The Kent Test by Clarkisha Kent (via TMS)

Definition: a test designed to determine whether a film or any other piece of media has provided the audience with adequate representation of femmes of color. This is meant to encourage discussion on what good representation can look like for femmes of color and it is not the be all end all test (but it is a good place to start). The Kent Test is named after and created by culture writer and critic Clarkisha Kent.

The Lack of Published Gay YA By Gay Authors? Lets Talk About It by Kosoko Jackson

How to choose meaningful words: why language matters by Jan Fortune

Narrative and meaning go hand in hand. We all need stories that make sense of experience, particular and universal. But if the language functions to exclude our experience then how do we find this meaning?

Enlisting an audience: How Hollywood peddles propaganda by Amos Barshad

That’s the difference between our propaganda and everyone else’s. In autocratic regimes, a government-backed entity pushes it onto indifferent or unwilling consumers. In America, we, the consumers, happily demand it.

The male glance: how we fail to take women’s stories seriously by Lili Loofbourow: Male art is epic, universal, and profoundly meaningful. Women’s creations are domestic, emotional and trivial. How did we learn to misread stories so badly?

This is how the world’s most covetable cameras get made by Vlad Savov: a tour of the Hasselblad factory.

In Defense of Trends (Keep Calm and Let Them Be) by Grace Bonney

I fell into the trap of assuming that the trendiness or lower cost of something meant it would be tossed and replaced any day now. But for most people that’s not true. Something doesn’t have to be a) expensive b) utterly unique or c) classic for someone to hold onto it and love it for years to come.

Halifax’s battle of the rising sea: Will the city be ready for future floods and storms? by Matthew McClearn: The deluges Nova Scotians faced during 2003’s Hurricane Juan could be commonplace within decades – but the provincial capital has barely begun to prepare.

Kat Robichaud’s tribute to David Bowie is amazing and makes me cry in the best possible way (via Neil Gaiman’s Twitter):

Snapshot #71 | 10 Things for 26 February 2017



1. starting… research for the next story. I’m drawing on so many influences here, and it’s going to be so much fun.
2. finding… a fantastic brunch place and a new favourite bakery.
3. realizing… that, as much as I love my new fountain pen, it’s not great for quick notes. (The ink tends to smear.) It’s great for longer stuff, though.
4. wishing… the snow would go away. It was pretty for the first few days, but now I’m ready for spring.
5. thinking… about simplifying my to-do lists.
6. working… on the tote bag. I’m almost done! I can’t wait to show you guys!
7. feeling… like it’s time to refocus and reboot. (This is actually a good thing—my plans for this year involve both a monthly review and a serious reflection and reassessment session every three months. Both are just about due.) (Also: I really didn’t mean for this to involve so much alliteration.)
8. getting… ready to reread the NaNoWriMo draft. (eep!)
9. wondering… what I should make for Easter dessert this year. (I was leaning toward cheesecake, but that craving has (finally!) been satisfied. I still might, but it won’t just be because I really really want a piece of cheesecake.)
10. hoping… that next week goes according to plan.