Snapshot #84 | 10 Things for 27 August 2017



1. feeling… productive. I’ve been reviewing my to-do list setup and schedule, and… I think it might be working for me? Maybe? The whole thing’s still a work in progress.
2. making… ice cream. It’s been a few weeks. (This week: Rocky Road House, from the Big Gay Ice Cream cookbook.)
3. researching… web hosts. It’s time to move. Unfortunately, it was a lot easier to navigate this stuff… 14? 15?… years ago when I last had to think about it. This also means that things are going to be a little bit weird around here in the next few weeks… and I’m probably looking at a full redesign, just because.
4. editing… photos. I’ll be ready to share them soon. (Though… probably not until the redesign is finished. Maybe keep an eye on my Instagram.)
5. missing… pink hair. I might have to go back sometime soon.
6. putting… together a list of everything I need to do to get ready for NaNoWriMo. It’s… a lot of stuff.
7. rethinking… my running program. The C25K plan I’ve been following didn’t quite click for me, so it’s time to try a different approach.
8. thinking… of new ideas, and expanding old ones.
9. trying… not to get overwhelmed by all the things I have to do over the next couple of weeks and months.
10. wishing… the neighbour cat didn’t have to move. She’s awesome, and I miss her already.

Snapshot #72 | 10 Things for 12 March 2017



1. shopping… for new makeup and workout gear.
2. thinking… about storytelling in general, and my next project in particular. It’s going to be interesting.
3. spending… an entire day reviewing & rebooting my goals. (I’m trying to do that once a quarter… so far, so good.)
4. feeling… all the inspiration and motivation that goes along with that. (And a little bit of anxiety, because.)
5. eating… Cadbury Creme Eggs.
6. having… a bit of a ’60s girl group moment.
7. taking… advantage of the time change. It’s the one day a year that the cat lets me sleep in.
8. reading… my NaNoWriMo draft. It… well. It needs a lot of work. But it’s not terrible. I’m still really looking forward to draft two.
9. working… on the tote bag. Still. It really is almost done, but I’ve got to pick up a few bits of hardware before I can wrap it up. (Also: I’m improvising the whole thing, so I keep having ideas that I want to incorporate. They’re not all successful.)
10. settling… on a recipe for Easter dessert. (Turns out, I’m going for cheesecake after all.)

Sketchbook #7


The last month has mostly been about sorting through and editing the Montréal photos. I think I’m just about done—I’ve got to do a final pass on a few, and I need to go through the entire collection once more to make sure I haven’t missed any gems, but I think that’s it. (Of course, I’ve still got a bunch of photos from the summer that I haven’t tackled yet, so… nowhere near done, really.)

It’s probably a good thing that I’m so close to the finish line on this particular project. I’ve already started to feel the end of the year creeping up on me, which means I’m thinking about new goals I want to set and new projects I want to tackle.

First off is the site redesign. I am working on it, and I’m determined to have it up and running by the new year. (1 January launch? Probably over-ambitious, given how busy I’m going to be the last two weeks of the year, but that might not be a bad thing.) I’m really excited about it, and can’t wait to share it with you.

Second, I’ve started planning two long-term photo projects I want to work on in 2016. I’ll be announcing the first one officially on 15 December, and I plan to share my progress (here and on Instagram) as I go. The second one is a little more personal; I’ll talk about it a bit (I’ll probably explain it sometime in mid-January—though I do plan to start on 1 January), and occasionally share photos from it, but not constantly.

Something to look forward to while I’m dealing with all the December insanity.

Sketchbook #3

Art + Craft, Writing

Recently, I started sharing updates and behind-the-scenes looks at the various creative projects I’m working on: writing, painting, photography, whatever works I happen to have in progress. It’s probably going to take a couple of tries before I figure out the format, but you can expect to see these Sketchbook posts on the last Monday of each month. Love it? Hate it? Have something else you’d like to see? Tell me what you think!

Sketchbook #3 |

Old-school editing: printed copies and a red pen. Not sure if it’s any more effective than just doing it all on the computer.

I’m not going to lie: the last few weeks have been a struggle creatively.

I lost two weeks to a stupid summer cold (summer colds are always the worst), and then just when I started to come around, I got distracted by travel plans. Doing anything creative has been difficult.

But I’ve been trying. And now that the major plans are in place for the trip, it’s been getting easier to focus.

I’m back to writing (almost) every day. I’ve been working on a few different projects (because I keep finding shiny new things to explore), and I’ve started serious editing work on the scene-turned-short-story I mentioned last month. Some of it has been terrible (I have a hard time writing dialogue-heavy scenes that don’t suck. I mean, the actual dialogue is decent, but I tend to forget about all the stuff going on in between… this might be why I kind of enjoy the screenplay format), but when it’s good, it’s really good.

I can’t remember the last time I was this happy with anything I’d written.

Drawing isn’t going quite so well. Nothing terrible, but… every time I put active effort into improving my skills, I hit a wall. Things go well for a little while, and then suddenly, I just… stop seeing any progress, and I get frustrated.

I’m at that point right now.

Now, the good thing is, this time I know that this is a pattern I fall into. I know that I just have to keep working on the particular techniques that I’m having trouble with, and eventually, I’ll start to move forward again.

It’s going to be boring. It’s going to be annoying.

But I will get past it eventually, and then it’ll start to be fun again.

I’ve got another disruption coming up this week, and I don’t know how much time I’m going to be able to spend writing or drawing. But It’s going to be a really good week for photography, so I’m not going to worry too much about anything else.