Sketchbook #42

The end of April kind of snuck up on me, but here it is: time to check in with how I’m doing with my overall creative goals, and figure out what those goals are going forward.

The Black Sun (Round Two Edits): Finished!

I have finished the second major round of edits on The Black Sun!

It took a little longer than I’d planned, but I wrapped up the revisions yesterday. (Considering I added approximately 20,000 words this time around… I think the extra time was worth it.)

Sketchbook #35

I’ll be honest: the heatwave has been awful for my motivation this month. I haven’t wanted to do anything but hide indoors and stare at my phone. (Even watching a movie or reading has felt like it required too much energy the last few weeks.)

My goals going into July were to write (including outlining and editing) more days than not, and to keep going with my photography project. I wanted to make it another 1/3 of the way through editing The Black Sun, and make a good start on the Violet Lane outline. And I wanted to start carrying a real camera more often.

Snapshot #105 | 10 Things for 15 July 2018

It’s been a very busy two weeks, but I still struggled to remember what I’ve been doing. I’ve been: editing | trying | moving | enduring | repainting | worrying | hemming | working | looking | feeling

Sketchbook #34

We’re officially half-way through the year. Or we will be in a few days.

I’m mostly saying that to remind myself, because it feels like 2018 is never going to end. It feels like we’ve been stuck in 2018 for three years already, it will always be 2018, this is our life now. This is an impossible year in which to write, or look for beauty, or make art in general. June in particular has been a difficult month – in light of the news, it’s hard not to feel like this is all a little bit shallow.

But art – writing and photography – is what’s keeping me sane this month. This year.

Snapshot #103 | 10 Things for 17 June 2018

A day late with this (time got away from me this weekend), but here goes. The last two weeks, I’ve been: working | processing | finishing | going | sorting | waking | thinking | figuring | trying | reading

Sketchbook #33

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect going into May.

I finished April feeling good about how I was approaching my goals. I was feeling really good about the first draft of The Black Sun and my writing routine in general, but not so great about Violet Lane. And kind of awful about my photography. And I wasn’t exactly clear on my goals for May; I knew I wanted to keep moving forward, but beyond that…?

So I have no real metrics with which to judge May. Vague emotional impressions, it is!

Snapshot #86 | 10 Things for 24 September 2017

I’m a little surprised that two weeks have passed already. I’ve been: realizing | finishing | thinking | reaching | discovering | learning | looking | studying | starting | cleaning