Inspired | August 2018


Every month, I share the articles and sites that I found most interesting. Here’s what caught my attention in August.

On Woman’s Weekly, and why we should all care about their new contract policy by Joanne Harris: “Womag writers are the canary in a very deep literary mine. If we, the more influential and better-protected folk of the literary world, allow their rights to be exploited, then sooner or later companies like TI Media will come for the rest of us.”

Jami Attenberg’s #1000WordsofSummer Turned a Corner of the Internet into a Supportive Literary Community by Amy Carleton: “Writing is work. And writing well, amidst all of our available distractions, online and otherwise, can be hard work. But this summer, one writer found a way to turn a potential distraction — the internet — into a motivational force and an affirming pop-up literary community in only two weeks.”

Is social media influencing book cover design? by Holly Connolly: “Like the recent revival of zines, the encroach of digital has resulted in a renewed appreciation for the physical – and beautiful.”

Writing and the Creative Life: The Tactile Experience of Writing by Scott Myers

The only paper remnant I have kept this whole time are the index cards. That I have refused to give up.

So I asked myself why keep working with index cards? I knew the answer immediately: Because of the tactile experience.

How to accept rejection: why failure can be the first step towards success by Donna Ferguson

Canaries and Coal Mines: Women in Games and the Birth of the Alt-Right by Leena van Deventer [video, 16 minutes]: “To me, navigating creativity in a post-truth world hinges on communicating and working within your values, and assisting others to do the same.”

The Internet of Garbage by Sarah Jeong: “Today, The Verge is publishing an interim edition of Sarah Jeong’s The Internet of Garbage, a book she first published in 2015 that has since gone out of print. It is a thorough and important look at the intractable problem of online harassment.”

Electronic Devices Privacy Handbook: A Guide to Your Rights at the Border by the BC Civil Liberties Association

This handbook is meant to help you make sense of the current state of play with respect to electronic searches at the Canadian border and at US preclearance zones in Canada, and to provide tools to protect your privacy when travelling with electronic devices.

Mike Garson’s first performance of “Life on Mars” with David Bowie, 22 September 1972

What’s the most interesting thing you saw online this month?

Snapshot #43 | 10 Things for 31 January 2016


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Today was a black and white photograph. #nofilter

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1. waiting… for the perfect light.
2. playing… with new toys. And having so much fun.
3. trying… to be better with Twitter. (Again.) Hopefully, I can make the habit stick this time.
4. cursing… the weird DRM they use on library ebooks. Because why would anyone want to switch between devices when reading a book? (Also cursing particularly dumb bank fees. Because I’m getting old, apparently.)
5. listening… to Blackstar all the way through, finally. So good.
6. framing… and hanging art. ♥
7. getting… ready to start the real work on the office. First up: getting rid of the awful beige paint. (Well. No. First up is a massive decluttering operation, and packing up whatever can be packed. Then the painting starts.)
8. cleaning… out my files. I’m already in spring-cleaning mode. Up next: my closet.
9. watching… The Force Awakens. Finally. (The fangirl in me is very happy.)
10. wondering… why I find it harder to shop for myself than for (literally) anyone else.

David Bowie: Aladdin Sane




There aren’t many people I think of as personal heroes. There are people I like, whose life or work I admire, but they’re still just… people to me.

David Bowie has always been one of my heroes.

One of my clearest childhood memories is of staring at the cover of my father’s copy of ‘Aladdin Sane’, equal parts fascinated and frightened and not quite sure why. When I was seventeen, I fell in love with ‘Little Wonder’ (as much the video—and again, that feeling of being fascinated and unsettled at the same time—as the song itself), and started diving into the back catalogue. I never came out. I spent this past weekend looking forward to today, when I’d finally have the time to listen to ‘Blackstar’ without distraction.

I want to say more. Maybe I will, when it hurts less. But, for now, I’ll just repeat what I said on Twitter this morning: I didn’t realize until now that there was a part of me that truly believed that David Bowie would live forever.

Snapshot #38 | 10 Things for 22 November 2015



1. realizing… how close we are to the end of the year. Eek.
2. watching… (or listening to…) new Bowie! ♥ ★
3. committing… small acts of bravery.
4. making… the chocolate-chip cookies I’ve been thinking about since September.
5. thinking… about making some changes to the site. (In addition to the redesign that is absolutely coming before the end of the year.)
6. wondering… if I’m going to get the balcony cleaned up before winter kicks in.
7. cutting… my hair. Finally.
8. feeling… baffled. People are weird.
9. trying… to use my time well. Not sure I’m succeeding.
10. finishing… just under the wire…

Snapshot #11 | 10 Things for 26 October 2014

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1. starting… to build that new wardrobe I’ve been thinking about. It’s possible I’m putting too much thought into it. There’s a spreadsheet.
2. making… waffles. I got a waffle iron! It’s so exciting! (To me. It’s exciting to me.)
3. getting… ready for 2015. (!)
4. listening… to David Bowie’s isolated vocals on ‘Ziggy Stardust’. Amazing.
5. deciding… what to make during this year’s Christmas baking marathon.
6. playing… with the new TinType app from Hipstamatic. So much fun.
7. backing… 100 More Years of Analog Film by FILM Ferrania on Kickstarter. I was so excited when I saw this particular project, and I would have backed it immediately, but it took me ages to decide how much I wanted to pledge.
8. trying… an experiment. I’ll let you know if it works. (If it doesn’t, I will never mention it again.)
9. looking… for a new workout. It’s official—I need something new. I just don’t know what.
10. noticing… a pattern.