Sketchbook #16

Ok, so: July and August were kind of terrible, creatively. I’ve acknowledged that and moved past it. It happens occasionally – both due to my own issues, and things beyond my control – and I just have to deal with it.

I went into September with modest goals: I wanted to get back on track, and dig myself out of the rut that I’d been in all summer. I wanted to see if I could find ways to motivate myself, rather than relying on inspiration to just happen. I wanted to work on clearing my weekly photo backlog, and see if I could make some progress on the NaNoWriMo outline, but I didn’t set any specific targets – any movement would be good, as long as it was forward.

So how’d I do?

Snapshot #57 | 10 Things for 14 August 2016

Having computer troubles this week, so I hope this works as planned. I’ve been: relying | sorting | feeling | waiting | researching | cutting | getting | finding | hating | planning

Snapshot #56 | 10 Things for 1 August 2016

Getting to this a day late, but whatever. The last few weeks, I’ve been: troubleshooting | feeling | hating | thinking | wondering | making | watching | doing | buying | trying