2017 Project365 #319 | Reghan Skerry

Project365: #315-329


I didn’t get a chance to post my Project 365 photos last weekend, for a number of reasons. (And I’m probably going to be a day or two late on this month’s sketchbook post.) But that’s ok: I’m still staying on top of the project in general, and this particular group of photos feels like it works as a set.

Just over a month left to go in the year. I’ve got thoughts on this project (so many thoughts!), and I’ll go into them as the year winds down. Right now, I’m thinking about whether I’m going to try another 365 next year (probably), and how I’m going to approach it if I do (almost definitely differently).

I’m starting to come up with some of my own ideas, but nothing’s set in stone just yet. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "34. Abstract" | Reghan Skerry

Week #34: ‘Abstract’ | Weekly Photo Challenge 2016


There’s something about abstract photography that I’ve always really liked. In a medium that lends itself to exact reproduction (and has a history of serious debates over how important that realism is or is not) abstraction feels slightly subversive. If you want to create an abstract photo, you have to experiment, and you have to step away from the “rules” of photography.

And that’s always fun.

2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "29. Organic" | Reghan Skerry

Weekly Photo Challenge 2016 | Week #29: ‘Organic’


2016 Weekly Photo Challenge: "29. Organic" | Reghan SkerryI know. This whole “weekly photo” project hasn’t exactly been a weekly thing lately. Specifically, I still haven’t gotten around to doing weeks 26 (motion) or 28 (triptych).

I’ll be going into more detail about what’s been going on in Monday’s “sketchbook” post: basically, I’m still in the creative doldrums, but slowly managing to find my way out. In the meantime, I have ideas for those two photos (and I’ve actually taken one of the three pictures for “triptych”). I was able to tackle this week’s prompt on time—and I quite like the result. And I have a preliminary idea for next week’s prompt.

I’m going to finish this project. I won’t be hitting every single prompt right on time, and I’m ok with that.