Snapshot #229 | 10 Things for 30 April 2023


1. getting… used to the changes I’ve been making.
2. trying… to remember to breathe, and also to drink more water than I think I need. It’s been a week.
3. reintroducing… good habits.
4. repotting… the houseplants that need it.
5. remembering… that for a while there (we’re talking 10+ years ago) I used to be really good at setting and meeting deadlines. I’d like to find my way back to that. (Without the toxicity and burnout that followed.)
6. assembling… the new desk chair.
7. feeling… very grateful for the cookies I stashed in the freezer. Past Me knew what she was doing.
8. clearing… out my Twitter account. I’m not deleting it, but I’m not there anymore, and I won’t be in the future. I’ve lost that faint thread of hope that it might course-correct.
9. starting… my running season!
10. stocking… up on real, paper index cards. I’m going old-school for the next outline.

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