Snapshot #227 | 10 Things for 2 April 2023


1. getting… my days back! I’m so excited!
2. finishing… another major stage of the decluttering project.
3. thinking… that it’s probably time for a (small) wardrobe update.
4. wondering… if my ideal desk chair even exists. I’m this close to giving up the search and sticking with the (slightly uncomfortable, but reliable) vintage chair I’ve been using forever. (Maybe reupholster it yet again?)
5. making… time for personal writing projects.
6. watching… more movies in the last three months than I did in all of 2021. (And half as many as I did in 2022.)
7. reminding… myself that I’m capable of handling my current stresses, and that they’ll pay off in a few months.
8. craving… a roadtrip.
9. taking… a (very necessary) self-care day. And then another.
10. hoping… to start rebuilding my routines this week.

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