Snapshot #226 | 10 Things for 19 March 2023


1. finishing… the scene in this story that’s been giving me trouble. I can’t wait to finally move onto the next sequence.
2. deciding… that the Monday after the time change is a scheduled rest day from now on: nothing that requires actual thought or effort.
3. focussing… on my next steps.
4. trying… a new waffle recipe. It needs a few (very minor) adjustments, but I’ll definitely be making it again.
5. stocking… up on candles.
6. thinking… about the changes I want to make next quarter. The last few weeks have been rough, but they’ve shown me which parts of my routine don’t hold up under stress. I guess that’s something?
7. hoping… that this vaguely springlike weather isn’t a fluke. I might’ve put away my winter boots too early.
8. starting… to accept that I might have to choose comfort and ergonomics over aesthetics when it comes to a new desk chair. Dammit.
9. looking… for ways to make art that’s just for me, with no thoughts toward monetization or audience. I miss that.
10. needing… to decompress.

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