Snapshot #225 | 10 Things for 5 March 2023


1. reminding… myself that even though my carefully-crafted schedule will completely fall apart for the next four weeks, it’s only four weeks, and it’s going to pay off in the end.
2. watching… more short films.
3. feeling… tired.
4. loving… the story I’m writing so much. I wish I was writing it faster than I’ve managed so far, but I’m happy with the story itself.
5. using… the fancy notebook I’ve been saving for three years.
6. shovelling… snow for the first time this season. In March.
7. taking… care of a few small chores that have been building up while I focussed on more important things.
8. finishing… the first knitting project that I know I’ll wear regularly. (Almost finishing. A few (literal) loose ends to take care of, but that’s it.)
9. appreciating… noise-cancelling headphones.
10. wondering… why I don’t make pancakes more often.