Snapshot #223 | 10 Things for 5 February 2023


1. eliminating… distractions.
2. waking… up to ice on the inside of the windows. It’s been a brutally cold couple of days.
3. waiting… for the desk chair I’ve got my eye on to come back in stock so I can move forward on the office.
4. practising… with the AeroPress.
5. needing… to get out with the camera. I miss it desperately. (Though I’m kind of delighted that I miss it this much. It’s been a while since it felt so vital to me.)
6. attempting… to befriend a very shy neighbour cat. (I know this sounds a bit repetitive—I’ve said something similar before—but I’m compelled to befriend all the neighbour cats.)
7. looking… forward to the next stage of my current writing project. I finished the outline a little more than a week ago, and now I’m ready for draft one.
8. having… some very vivid dreams. I’m not complaining.
9. casting… on the knitting project I’ve spent the last two months practising for.
10. eating… very good cake.

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