Snapshot #222 | 10 Things for 22 January 2023

A black and white close-up photo of a black cat laying on its side, looking at something off-camera. Photo by Reghan Skerry.

Photo: Lucy, January 2023. A rare good photo of my girl. (The picture I took immediately after this is a blur of teeth, which is much more typical.)


1. venturing… out to take some photos in the first real snow of the season. (Just in time—it’ll be gone tomorrow.)
2. updating… my inspiration board for the new year.
3. wondering… how I managed to sprain an ankle without noticing.
4. feeling… grateful.
5. finding… my way around new software. New-ish. Software that I haven’t played with since the last major version, several years ago. It might as well be new to me.
6. making… small changes to my to-do list. Early days, but the changes seem to be paying off.
7. adding… new print sizes to the Etsy shop.
8. remembering… why I want to get the hang of using my AeroPress this year.
9. wondering… if it’s time to go back to (real, analogue) index cards for my outlining. I miss the hands-on process, but I don’t miss storing the cards.
10. getting… my budget back in order after the holidays.

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