Snapshot #221 | 10 Things for 8 January 2023


1. easing… back into my routines very slowly. As tempted as I am to dive back in (I’m so excited to get moving on my plans for this year!), I’m focussing on sustainability rather than tempting burnout. (Writing it here because I need the reminder.)
2. feeling… relaxed and optimistic.
3. going… deeper with my year-end review/planning session than I ever have before.
4. figuring… out the knitting technique that’s been giving me trouble.
5. breaking… out the graph paper. It’s time to start planning the office revamp. (Is it a revamp if I never actually finished the first version?)
6. making… a very good cranberry cake.
7. falling… down very weird research rabbit holes.
8. wishing… I’d taken down the outdoor lights before it got so cold.
9. realizing… that it’s the first time in ages that I haven’t started the year with a desperate desire to cut my hair short. (Not that the thought hasn’t occurred, but it’s just a passing whim so far.)
10. looking… forward to the first completely normal week I’ve had in a month.