Snapshot #217 | 10 Things for 13 November 2022

A black-and white image of a weathered fencepost. A frayed rope is knotted around the post and extends across the image. There is a blurred beach with trees in the background. Photo by Reghan Skerry


1. getting… my flu shot.
2. eating… leftover Hallowe’en candy.
3. waiting… around all week for a three-minute visit from building maintenance. (Which finally happened at the last possible moment.)
4. feeling… nostalgic. Not necessarily in a good way.
5. finishing… the massive recipe reorganization project. Everything is digitized and properly tagged and I know how to find what I’m looking for.
6. realizing… how quickly the holidays are sneaking up on me.
7. solving… a tricky story problem.
8. starting… to solidify my goals for next year and thinking about the strategies and tactics they’ll require.
9. taking… advantage of the unseasonably (unreasonably) nice weather to get out with the camera.
10. feeling… grounded.