Snapshot #215 | 10 Things for 16 October 2022

A small wooden dock at the side of a still body of water on a cloudy day. In the background, a few islands are covered with dark evergreen trees. In the foreground, a large rock is dotted with lichen. Photo by Reghan Skerry.


1. spending… time outdoors while the colours are still pretty.
2. falling… in love with (specific) fonts.
3. feeling… inspired in new ways.
4. starting… to make my plans for the holidays: looking at recipes, picking up craft supplies, nothing too ambitious just yet.
5. running… out of time to do the one thing I’d really planned to check off my list last week. (I’m going to do it in the next week or two if it kills me. Or, you know, even if it’s a lot less convenient than it would’ve been last week.)
6. hoping… to (finally) type ‘the end’ on this draft in the next few days. These last few pages are taking longer than they should. (Possibly because I haven’t typed a word in over a week?)
7. hauling… another seven boxes of stuff to the charity shop. I feel a little lighter every time.
8. noticing… the shift in seasons. All I want to do lately is bake bread and knit and sip good coffee.
9. rediscovering… the power of the right pair of boots.
10. wishing… I knew how to braid my own hair.