Snapshot #213 | 10 Things for 18 September 2022

A wide expanse of reddish sand under a blue sky. Red cliffs with a few trees at the top stretch into the background. A single person walks along the beach in silhouette. | Photo by Reghan Skerry


1. remembering… that trouble with act three points to a problem with act one. Every time.
2. troubleshooting… a good (but not quite perfect) recipe for chocolate chip cookies.
3. loving… the cooler mornings.
4. making… another major leap in the decluttering project, after a few months of minimal progress.
5. finding… my way back.
6. finishing… my second Actual Knitting Project! And my third! (I’m not going to announce every single project like this, but completing tangible, useful things… it’s still kind of a thrill.)
7. letting… nerves get the better of me. Trying to get back on track, though.
8. looking… for a decent pair of hiking boots. (Nothing fancy—the less-fancy the better, actually—just something comfortable that’ll hold up to muddy trails.)
9. starting… to think about next year. It’s… soon. It feels soon.
10. learning… how to use my Wacom tablet. Finally. I’ve had this thing for how many years?

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