Snapshot #212 | 10 Things for 4 September 2022

A black-and-white photo of a rocky beach. Tall cliffs with a few evergreen trees stand to one side of the image. Photo by Reghan Skerry.


1. losing… track of time over the weekend. (Which is why this post is going up on Monday….)
2. rewatching… old favourite shows and realizing how much they influenced me.
3. ripping… back and restarting Actual Knitting Project #2 after an error that I don’t have the skill to recover from. (Yet.) I’m kind of impressed by how not-upset I was about the whole thing.
4. checking… things off my list.
5. editing… photos. Still fine-tuning my workflow, but I’m finishing photos within a reasonable timeframe for once.
6. craving… chocolate-chip cookies. If there was still a café within walking distance, I’d just go buy one, but as it is… I might have to make a whole batch. Tragic.
7. missing… the neighbour cats. They (and their people, I suppose) moved out last week.
8. feeling… like I’m finding a routine that works.
9. starting… to officially plan the next writing project, and trying not to get too distracted by the way it sparkles. I do have to finish the current draft first. Really.
10. looking… forward to fall.

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