Snapshot #211 | 10 Things for 21 August 2022

Close-up view of a daisy-like flower with white petals streaked with bright red. | Photo by Reghan Skerry


1. working… on my routines and learning to block out time for the things that aren’t writing.
2. getting… lost on twisty dirt roads and finding beaches that aren’t on the map.
3. catching… up on podcasts.
4. starting… Actual Knitting Project #2. It’s progressing better than expected—I’m already starting to gather supplies for Actual Project #3.
5. coming… down with a cold. My covid tests were negative, which is nice, but I’m still kind of furious that the one time I let my guard down even the tiniest bit, I managed to catch something.
6. wishing… I could find rings that fit.
7. making… bread for the first time in what feels like months. I miss it.
8. finding… the key to the next story. Now the brainstorming can begin.
9. trying… to get the hang of actually typing on my typewriter. (So far, so good, but I don’t quite have enough strength in my pinky fingers to consistently type “a” or “;” yet.)
10. hoping… I’ll manage to get out for a run this week.