Snapshot #210 | 10 Things for 7 August 2022

Close-up view of a tree branch. The bark is rough and mossy in places. An oval rock has been painted with stripes to resemble notebook paper, the words 'Believe in Yourself,' and a red heart. The rock is nestled in the bend of the branch. Photo by Reghan Skerry.


1. eating… peaches straight from the farm.
2. figuring… out the technique that was tripping me up in the whole learning-to-knit thing. I’m ready to start Actual Project #2!
3. taking… some of my best photographs of 2022. (Also: taking bets on whether I’ll manage to edit any of them before 2023.)
4. wishing… I could figure out how to make decent iced tea. If you have a reliable recipe or technique, please share!
5. watching… some of the 2022 Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe World Championships, since they were within walking distance. (This is a really great place to live on occasion.)
6. driving… through the most dramatic lightning storm I’ve ever seen in real life.
7. adding… to the houseplant collection. Now that I’ve figured out how to keep plants alive in this apartment, I’m a bit obsessed.
8. making… homemade danishes. They were very good.
9. reorganizing… a few thousand(!!!) Evernote notes.
10. trying… to remember to reapply sunscreen more often.