Snapshot #209 | 10 Things for 24 July 2022

Wild grasses on a riverbank. Photo by Reghan Skerry.


1. looking… at my days and thinking about where I can make some changes. I have the time I need, it’s just (ha!) a matter of using it in a better way.
2. getting… ready to take a big scary leap. Wish me luck!
3. making… my first batch of ice cream this year. (Chocolate, naturally. It was very good.)
4. looking… forward to a few days off.
5. remembering… how much I love scriptwriting. I’ve been so focussed on prose these last few years, I’d forgotten.
6. trying… to do something new with my hair, with mixed results. I need more practice.
7. complaining… about the heat wave. There are (much) worse places to be right now, but it’s still not fun.
8. missing… the walking-distance coffee shops that closed during the pandemic. Again. Still.
9. emptying… one of those random boxes that I’ve been dragging from apartment to apartment without ever unpacking.
10. realizing… that I really am on the right path, finally.