Snapshot #208 | 10 Things for 10 July 2022

A small wave breaks on a smooth sandy beach. In the background, a pile of large rocks sits in the water. Photo by Reghan Skerry.


1. eating… fresh strawberries.
2. picking… the worst possible time for an intense wave of wanderlust: terrible economy, airport chaos, and I’m not wild about dealing with crowds just yet. I’ll have to stick to daydreaming—and maybe some tentative plans for the future?—for now.
3. starting… a new draft. It’s a huge shift from the things I’ve been writing lately, in both form and style, and I’m super excited about it. And terrified. It’s awesome.
4. finding… my way back into a good decluttering routine. It felt a bit overwhelming (and never-ending) for a while there, but I’m making progress again.
5. finishing… the site redesign. For real this time. Or… fine, there are still a few details I want to fine-tune over the next few weeks and months because I’m never satisfied, but the major work is done. (If you’re reading this via RSS or the WordPress reader, drop by the actual site and take a look. I’d love to know what you think!)
6. getting… frustrated with my cell provider. Again.
7. remembering… why I started in the first place.
8. regretting… the changes I’ve made to my daily schedule, just a bit. Does it take advantage of my best hours to focus on writing? Yes! Does it work wonders for my productivity and creativity? Yes! Does it mean that I’m now trying to run during the hottest part of the day? Also yes!
9. hoping… for rain.
10. panicking… at the thought that I might’ve accidentally deleted a full day’s worth of photographs. (I didn’t. They exist. But I do have to be a little more careful with my workflow. And maybe avoid trying to back up important files when I’m exhausted from a 12-hour day of photography.)