Snapshot #203 | 10 Things for 1 May 2022


1. realizing… that the writing routine that’s been serving me so well only works when I’m clear about which project is my highest priority. I haven’t been sure about that lately, and neither one is getting the attention it deserves.
2. thinking… about cake.
3. going… for my first run of the season. It feels like I’m getting a late start this year, but the weather didn’t cooperate until the middle of April.
4. craving… cold brew.
5. getting… serious about decluttering again. I’ve started on the basement storage unit. Wish me luck. (And if you know a good way to get rid of outdated encyclopedias, please tell me! Libraries and used bookstores don’t accept them and I’m getting desperate.)
6. working… out the logistics of my next big goal for the year.
7. repotting… houseplants. I’m just really happy that I’ve got multiple houseplants that are doing well enough to require repotting.
8. giving… up on mediocre books. (As a reader, not a writer. I can fix my own bad books. Eventually.) Just ok isn’t enough for me lately.
9. starting… to get the hang of this whole knitting thing. I’m still surprised that I’m enjoying it so much.
10. daydreaming… about long summer drives.