Post-Refresh Updates

Now that the site is up and running again, what’s new? (Other than, y’know, the entire look?) What’s still on my to-do list?

The print shop is now open! I’ve wanted to do this for years, but kept dragging my feet. Right now, it’s a fairly limited selection, and I’m only shipping to Canada and the US. But I plan to expand my offerings (and open up international shipping) soon. Soon-ish. If there’s another photo you’d like to buy (or if you live outside of Canada and the US), drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.

Most of the regularly-scheduled posts that would have happened during the hiatus have been added to the archives. I like having these little reference points, and I didn’t want to skip them:

There’s also a Cultural Consumption post coming within the next few days that covers the last quarter of 2021, which will be the last post in that series. (Likewise, the November-December ’21 Inspired post is the last link roundup.)

Remember how I said that I’d be letting go of some of the things that cause unnecessary stress?

Those series are some of the biggest offenders. 

I still plan to share links and talk about the books and movies that I love, but without the strict deadlines (that I regularly missed) and feeling of obligation.

The newsletter is still on hiatus. To be honest, for a few weeks there, I was pretty sure I was going to shut it down entirely. But I have ideas for it now. I think I can figure out how to maintain it without feeling like it’s a lot of work for minimal reward.

When I’m ready to relaunch, I’ll post about it here.

The photo portfolio is still a work in progress. This is actually the part of the redesign that slowed me down the most. I would’ve been ready to go almost a month ago, but I still haven’t found a way to show off my photos that I’m happy with. 

However, unlike the last time I redesigned the site, I’m not going to just let the placeholder version sit. I’m going to figure out a solution—hopefully before summer—and fix it soon. (Soon-ish.)

Other than that, the site’s mostly been been given a fresh coat of paint and slightly easier navigation. Take a look around and let me know what you think!