Snapshot #202 | 10 Things for 17 April 2022


1. maintaining… my good writing routine, even though I’m fully in brainstorming/outlining/revision mode (those are three different stories), instead of actually, y’know, writing.
2. starting… to think it’s time for a new camera bag. I try not to carry too much gear, but it’s getting difficult to keep things organized when I go out.
3. admitting… that the whole ‘relaunch the site within the next two weeks’ thing that I promised two weeks ago isn’t going to happen. But by the end of April, definitely.
4. wishing… for a half-decent coffee shop. (Everything within easy walking distance has closed.)
5. editing… photos from last summer. And kicking myself for waiting this long—they’re good.
6. feeling… nostalgic, and slightly annoyed about it.
7. perfecting… my recipe for hot cross buns. I probably said the same thing last year (I did!), but they got better.
8. forgetting… how cold it can get along the coast this time of year, but at least it’s pretty.
9. trying… something new in my writing. I think it’s working?
10. looking… for signs of spring.