Snapshot #201 | 10 Things for 3 April 2022


1. typing… “The End” on the first draft of Birthday Girl! I started brainstorming this (version of this) story in the middle of March 2021, and I’m done! (This draft. It’ll need major revisions—I may have switched verb tenses half way through—but not yet.)
2. buying… Cadbury creme eggs in bulk. It’s that time of year.
3. feeling… frustrated. Another sewing project didn’t quite work. (It wasn’t terrible, just… not what I hoped.) I’m going to have to take some steps to rebuild my skills, because I am officially out of practice. (Also, just feeling frustrated in general, because.)
4. trying… to decide what to write next. For once, I’ve got too many options.
5. loving… the routines I’ve built for myself over the last while. They’re going to be tested in the next few weeks, though… wish me luck.
6. ignoring… the Oscars again this year. I’ll pay attention again when they stop shortchanging the technical awards.
7. setting… up my second notebook of the year, because apparently we’re already into Q2? Weird.
8. looking… forward to being able to start running again. Very soon. (As soon as it stops raining and/or snowing for a few days.)
9. starting… my first official knitting project. Ever.
10. committing… to relaunching the blog within the next two weeks. For real.