Snapshot #200 | 10 Things for 20 March 2022


1. being… pleasantly surprised by my attempts to learn to knit. As in, I’m successfully learning to knit.
2. sorting… out the annoying technical issue that stalled my progress on the site redesign for the past two weeks.
3. reaching… the final stretch of the story I’ve been writing for… two years now? (Well, the first draft.) It’s all downhill from here.
4. thinning… out my recipe collection. It’s gotten out of hand.
5. trying… some new stretching routines. My neck isn’t happy with the whole knitting thing right now.
6. outlining… almost an entire story that is not part of my writing plan for this year, dammit. (But it’s so much fun!) (And, yes, this is one of the stories I mentioned in recent weeks. At some point, I’ll to have to accept that I’ll be writing one of them, but I’m not there yet.)
7. thinking… about how to rearrange my art. I just bought a new print, and I have no idea where to put it.
8. starting… to feel like I’m getting a handle on managing my time, and it’s doing wonders for my motivation. Still a work in progress, of course, but it is progress.
9. going… for a mini photo trip. Nothing spectacular (the weather wasn’t exactly cooperating, and everything’s still muddy and brown), but it felt good to get out with the camera for the first time this year.
10. tracking… down a 1950s/’60s typing textbook, so maybe I can start getting used to the typewriter.