Snapshot #199 | 10 Things for 6 March 2022


1. craving… Cadbury creme eggs.
2. having… my most productive writing month since February 2020. (And, then, my most productive writing week since March 2020.)
3. shovelling… so. much. snow.
4. taking… the plunge and buying some basic supplies so I can learn how to knit. Expect photos of a misshapen scarf in, oh… six to eight months?
5. getting… back to basics.
6. hoping… that I’ll have the redesign ready to launch in the next week or two.
7. falling… down a research/brainstorming rabbit hole that isn’t related to any of the stories I want to be writing right now. Dammit.
8. wishing… the cat would stop waking me up at 5:00.
9. continuing… on my decluttering journey. (The further I go, the more realistic I am when it comes to evaluating what I need to keep.)
10. trying… to figure out how to rearrange the office so I can use the typewriter without destroying my wrists. (And how to rearrange things in general.)