Snapshot #197 | 10 Things for 6 February 2022


1. debating… the value of actually relaunching the blog (which I plan to do! Soon! I’m still working on it!) vs. just… not. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want the hiatus to end. (It’s the same part of me that took a ‘break’ from Instagram and Twitter and never went back.)
2. charging… everything I own ahead of yet another weekend storm.
3. drinking… lots of hot chocolate.
4. settling… into a groove. January was a bit chaotic, but I’m getting the hang of things now.
5. trying… to choose which book to read next. It’s a surprisingly difficult decision.
6. accepting… that I need a new desk chair. I love the one I have, but it sort of predates the concept of ‘ergonomics,’ and that’s becoming a problem. Now I’ve just got to find one in stock.
7. thinking… about taking up a craft to keep my hands busy while watching tv or listening to podcasts. I’m not sure what, other than I’d like it to produce something useful (so I’m not left with a bunch of pretty stuff taking up space when I’m done.) Knitting is the frontrunner so far, but I’m open to suggestions.
8. feeling… really good about my plans for this year.
9. rescheduling… my booster shot.
10. making… a concerted effort to introduce more sustainable/low waste options into my daily routine.