Snapshot #195 | 10 Things for 9 January 2022


1. wondering… how I can clear so many boxes out of the storage room and not see any noticeable change.
2. sitting… in the dark for three hours because a snowstorm knocked my power out. Fun!
3. trying… not to talk myself out of my big (intimidating) plans for 2022.
4. easing… back into a good writing routine. I think.
5. reaching… the point where I really want to chop off my hair. (I reach this point every January, but it’s particularly strong this year.)
6. having… a very low-key New Year’s Eve. I was asleep by eleven. It was perfect.
7. doing… a lot of very minor things that feel like huge accomplishments.
8. appreciating… dishwashers and curbside pickup.
9. feeling… relieved, but cautious. And bored. Mostly relieved that the worst of the boredom is over? It’s been a weird weekend.
10. hoping… for the best.