Snapshot #191 | 10 Things for 14 November 2021


1. overthinking… everything, as usual.
2. clearing… out more clutter.
3. deciding… which cookies to bake for Christmas this year. Next up: figuring out the desserts. I want to do something with cranberries, but we’ll see.
4. taking… a few days to recover from disappointment rather than forcing myself to work through it (which would’ve made things worse in the long run).
5. perfecting… my blueberry muffin recipe. (I mean… they’re not pretty yet, but everything else is perfect.)
6. putting… the final touches on a big scary project.
7. looking… for those last few Christmas gifts, and not having the best luck. Supply chain nightmares, yay! (That said, I’m almost done my shopping. Which feels super weird to say.)
8. trying… to stay focussed. I’ve got so many things I want to get done before the end of the year, and it’s really easy to get sidetracked right now.
9. having… better luck with the espresso machine. I might actually get the hang of it soon.
10. starting… the slow shift into winter. Break out the cozy duvets and fingerless gloves.