Snapshot #189 | 10 Things for 17 October 2021

Dried grasses and flowers gone to seed in front of a pale blue sky. Photo by Reghan Skerry


1. buying… another plant.
2. walking… knee-deep in the water of a North Atlantic beach. In October. (I’m not saying it was warm enough to swim, but it wasn’t too bad. Warm enough to rinse the sand off without regretting every decision that had ever led to that moment.)
3. juggling… a million details. It’s been good, and I really needed the break in my routine, but I can’t wait for things to get back to normal tomorrow.
4. starting… to feel like my recent focus on craft (in writing and especially photography) is paying off.
5. dropping… seven boxes (!!!) of stuff off at the charity shop. I can see the floor of my office again.
6. kicking… off the fall baking season with a pumpkin tart.
7. trying… to find a good automatic pet feeder that’s both wet-food compatible and sturdy enough that Lucy won’t break it open in five minutes. Any pet owners out there who can recommend something? (It’ll only be used occasionally, and never for more than a day—a few hours, really—at a time. I’d also be happy to find a reliable treat dispenser.)
8. traipsing… through the mud for the sake of a photograph. (A photograph that didn’t quite work out the way I’d hoped, anyway. With luck, I’ll have a chance to try again before the leaves disappear.)
9. getting… ready to buckle down and get things done before the end of the year.
10. letting… myself prioritize the things that really matter.