Snapshot #187 | 10 Things for 19 September 2021


1. finding… a bit of the province I didn’t know existed.
2. starting… my Christmas shopping. It seems like I start earlier every year, and I really don’t know how I became that person.
3. building… a good creative routine. It’s lasted more than a week, and it still feels sustainable, so… it’s good.
4. feeling… like I know what I’m doing. (Do I? Maybe! But I think I’m on the right path.)
5. loving… the whole decluttering process. It’s a big job, so it’s not going as quickly as I’d like, but I’m making real progress, and it’s amazing.
6. trying… to figure out how to choose a foundation shade online. (All my favourites are either out of stock or discontinued.)
7. thinking… about developing my own film, because the lab takes forever. Seriously. (If I do, it probably won’t be until the new year. I don’t have time to relearn that skill right now.)
8. realizing… what triggers that ‘I hate everything I’ve written and need to start fresh’ feeling I sometimes get, and how to deal with it. (Well… sometimes I really do need to start fresh. But usually it’s just a case of setting it aside for a few days and working on something else.)
9. making… a really good batch of ice cream.
10. moving… forward (finally!) on the photo thing that’s been on hold for… two years now?

3 responses to “Snapshot #187 | 10 Things for 19 September 2021”

  1. I’ve been thinking on doing a bit declutter. Particularly with electronics. Lots of cables and music gadgets that I don’t really need anymore. I’m glad that you’re loving the process! I’d love to learn how to make ice cream. Specially here in California 🥵. Thanks for sharing! I enjoy reading your snapshots.

    1. Thank you! I’m amazed at how much of a relief the whole decluttering process has been – I don’t realize how stressful it is to be surrounded by stuff I don’t need (or really want) until I finally take the steps to get rid of it. And then it’s like a weight has been lifted. (And, yeah, old cables are a big problem. I feel like I should keep them ‘just in case’ but I know I’ll never use them.) Ice cream’s surprisingly easy to make! I’ve got the most basic ice cream maker in the world, and it the result is so much better than anything I’ve had from the store. I highly recommend it!

      1. Great! I’ll definitely check the ice cream maker for sure. And yes, totally agree with cables. I’m with you with “just in case”. I’ll need to re-evaluate such cases and be honest with myself. I can always get a new cable if needed. Keep up the good work Reghan!