Snapshot #186 | 10 Things for 5 September 2021

A small, bright blue fishing boat at dock. Photo by Reghan Skerry.


1. feeling… tired. I’ve been busy, and it’s catching up to me.
2. having… my best writing week since March 2020: good progress on the current project(s), and new ideas for upcoming stuff.
3. daydreaming… about hot coffee and baking bread and big stompy boots. The last few days have felt particularly autumnal, and I’m loving it—especially after the brutal humidity last week. (I might even get a chance to break in my boots before the snow comes this year. A girl can dream.)
4. starting… to feel like things are falling into place.
5. finding… new places to photograph.
6. planning… a redesign of the blog. I’m still in research/sketching mode, but I want to change things up before the end of the year. (Including getting back into a good posting routine.)
7. watching… the rain fall.
8. plotting… a solo writing retreat. Not sure when, exactly (it’ll probably be sometime next year), but plans are afoot.
9. loving… Marvel’s What If…? so much. I thought it was just going to be a fun diversion. Which it is, but it’s also kind of emotionally devastating, and I adore it. (That said: I’m still disappointed that Shang-Chi is only in theatres right now. I’m not ready for that yet.)
10. wondering… where the year went. How is it September already?