Snapshot #185 | 10 Things for 22 August 2021


1. taking… real, concrete steps to improve my craft as both a photographer and a writer.
2. going… into research mode.
3. looking… for a good way to store hats. Because apparently I’ve become a person who owns more than one hat.
4. waiting… anxiously for prints to arrive from the photo lab.
5. feeling… determined.
6. figuring… some stuff out.
7. thinking… about digging out that one sewing project that’s been sitting unfinished the whole time I’ve lived in this apartment. (I’ve seriously got one thing left to do, and it just keeps sitting there.)
8. starting… to feel like I’m getting a handle on schedules and workflows… and I’m scared to say it out loud, because feel like I might’ve just jinxed it.
9. finishing… work on one clutter trouble spot and moving on to the next.
10. wishing… the humidity would break. I really want to bake something interesting, but I can’t bear to turn on the oven right now.