Snapshot #184 | 10 Things for 8 August 2021

A single daisy growing out of a rocky hillside. Photo by Reghan Skerry.


1. trying… to get back on track. Summer always makes it difficult to focus, but it feels particularly brutal this year.
2. feeling… weirdly nostalgic.
3. brainstorming… yet another new story. (I spent years struggling to come up with story ideas that held my interest, and now I’ve got too many to choose from.)
4. looking… for ways to use up blueberries.
5. getting… out of the city for some day trips. It’s been nice. (Except for the mosquitos. So many mosquitos.)
6. wishing… that the farmer’s market had stuck with the system they used last year. They’re still offering delivery and pickup, but the new setup doesn’t work for me: too much stuff I don’t want, not enough that I do. (I hated the in-person crowds before the pandemic, so I’m not going to brave them now.)
7. making… good progress on Birthday Girl.
8. adjusting… to the new camera, finally. I’m a little bit in love.
9. thinking… about my photography workflow. I’ve suddenly got a lot of photos that need to be sorted and edited. (Directly related to #8.)
10. hoping… for a more relaxed week.