Snapshot #181 | 10 Things for 27 June 2021



1. finishing… the outline for Birthday Girl! I’m taking a couple of days to regroup and figure out my next targets, but I’m ready to start writing next week.
2. getting… a bit distracted.
3. loving… Loki. I have so many theories… I can’t wait to be proven wrong.
4. making… really good cold brew.
5. researching… the curly girl method. I’ve been doing a half-assed version for years, but I want to actually figure out how to make it work for my hair.
6. starting… to get the hang of the new camera, I think. Starting to take some not-terrible photos with it, at least. (And then I choose to illustrate this post with an iPhone photo. Oh, well.)
7. trying… to rebuild some of the good habits that fell by the wayside in the last couple of months.
8. looking… forward to the rest of the year. It’s going to be good. (Here’s hoping I didn’t just jinx it.)
9. feeling… like it’s time to breathe some life back into this blog. I’m not sure how, yet, but I’ll figure it out.
10. putting… together the big pieces of a story idea that’s been circling for a few months. I think I’m ready to start brainstorming in earnest.


  1. darkbloom says:

    Happiest birthday to you 💜 wishing you and your targets the best 🌺💜

    1. Reghan says:

      Oh! It’s not my birthday. 🙂 ‘Birthday Girl’ is actually the working title of the story I’m writing right now. Thank you, though – your comment made me smile.

      1. darkbloom says:

        Oh I’m so sorry. By the way good luck for your Story! 😊

      2. Reghan says:

        Thanks! 😊

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