Snapshot #180 | 10 Things for 13 June 2021


1. fixing… a weird technical issue with the distraction blocking software I’ve been using.
2. getting… out with the camera. I’ve missed it.
3. starting… to set up the Q3 bullet journal. And freaking out a bit about the year being half over.
4. hating… the heat wave. I was not prepared for it to get so humid so soon.
5. making… a point to watch movies and read books again.
6. painting… the entryway, finally. It’s a tiny space, but I keep getting interrupted, so it’s taking forever. I’ll finish this week… or run out of paint. One of the two.
7. loving… little signs that we’re living in the future. I mean, it alternates between a cyberpunk dystopia and Jetsons-esque modern conveniences, but either way… it’s pretty cool.
8. wondering… if I’m ever going to find my perfect (high SPF, non-greasy, doesn’t-leave-white-marks-on-everything) sunscreen. (I say this every year, but if you have a recommendation, I’m desperate.)
9. taking… care of some chores that have been nagging me. (Not just the painting.)
10. researching… my next steps.