Snapshot #179 | 10 Things for 30 May 2021


1. getting… the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine! Everything went well, it was super straightforward, and my arm has finally stopped hurting. Mostly.
2. baking… the best blueberry muffins of my entire life. Of course, I still want to tweak the recipe.
3. being… absolutely ruthless in my decluttering. It’s awesome.
4. finishing… the preliminary planning for Birthday Girl. (Everyone has a name now!) The actual outline starts this week.
5. giving… in and ordering bagels from Montreal. Worth it.
6. wishing… I had a better way to keep track of story ideas, so I could find them when I need them. (Right now, it’s bits and pieces everywhere. If you’ve got a system that works, let me know in the comments!)
7. feeling… weirdly optimistic.
8. hoping… that I’ll be able to do my own grocery shopping soon. Delivery has been… iffy lately. (In the past month, I’ve had one amazing InstaCart shopper, and one terrible one.)
9. realizing… that a goal/dream I’d decided was impossible years ago is actually feasible. Not easy, and definitely not going to happen anytime soon, but I’ve started making plans and working out logistics.
10. making… plans to finally paint the entryway. It’s only been on my to-do list for… two years?