Snapshot #178 | 10 Things for 16 May 2021


1. accepting… that the ‘two week’ lockdown will continue for longer than two weeks. Really. I don’t mind it.
2. making… friends with the neighbour cats. Finally.
3. craving… real bagels. I can’t decide whether it makes more sense to spend all day trying to make my own, or spend a stupid amount of money to get some shipped from Montreal. (I’ve been looking for a local bakery that delivers, but no luck.)
4. updating… my to-do list system. (Fascinating, I know. But it’s a major overhaul.)
5. turning… frustration into motivation.
6. realizing… that I haven’t really been reading books or watching movies lately. I knew something was missing.
7. trying… to come up with character names for the new and improved version of Birthday Girl. It’s impossible.
8. reminding… myself that my apartment is actually really good (especially in this market). I’m just bored and kind of desperately want to move (or at least figure out how to refresh the space).
9. wondering… if I’m going to have to order the industrial-size bag of flour again this year.
10. getting… a little bit of good news.