Snapshot #177 | 10 Things for 2 May 2021

A cluster of yellow crocuses in bright sunlight. Photo by Reghan Skerry.

We’re under a two-week hard lockdown here in Nova Scotia, thanks to a one-two punch of variant cases and people being idiots. It sucks, but I never really let myself pretend that things were going to be normal any time soon, so it sucks less than it might’ve. It does mean that there’s not much going on, though.


1. adjusting… my outlining process. It’s going well.
2. taking… the new camera out on a photowalk for the first time. I’m still getting used to it. (Also, I realized that I haven’t reconfigured either of my camera bags to fit it. Or figured out how to wear my comfy new sling strap while carrying either of my camera bags. Oops.)
3. feeling… focussed. And motivated. Not sure where this is coming from, but I’ll take it.
4. thinking… about the balcony garden. Soon.
5. ordering… new workout gear, even though I hate buying clothes online. But everything fits? And I like it?
6. doing… the 12-week Artist’s Way program. I’m still not sure what I think about it. There’s part of me that resents how effective it seems to be.
7. skipping… watching the Oscars for the first time since I was fourteen. I felt weirdly guilty on the night, but hearing about it the next morning… I did not regret sleeping through it.
8. trying… to figure out how to fit everything I want to do into the time I have in a day. Without getting overwhelmed and just watching TV instead.
9. putting… big plans on hold again because of the new lockdown. I was this close. (I mean… technically I was dragging my feet because I was freaking out about the whole thing, but I really was going to finalize things this week. And then everything shut down again.)
10. looking… forward to the cake I’m baking this week.