Snapshot #173 | 10 Things for 7 March 2021


1. having… a very lazy weekend. It’s been nice.
2. daydreaming… about building a writing shed/studio space. Yes, I live in an apartment. I have no backyard. I’m still looking at plans and sighing wistfully.
3. making… plans for the balcony garden. (I started too late last year because of… everything… so hopefully I’ll have better luck this year.)
4. taking… a (short!) break from working on Birthday Girl. The writing has been going well enough, but it’s really hitting me how much I’ve learned about my writing process—and how much my ideas about what this story should be have changed—in the past year. I need to reorient myself.
5. thinking… about spring. I kind of can’t wait until it’s warm enough to start running again. (Who am I?)
6. starting… to see (and feel) real change in my decluttering process. It’s incredible.
7. reading… the absolute worst book I’ve ever picked up. (I would’ve given up, but the book’s one redeeming feature was that it was short.)
8. baking… plain and simple chocolate chip cookies for the first time in years.
9. crying… at least once per episode of WandaVision. Such an amazing show.
10. running… behind schedule, on just about everything. Oops.