Snapshot #172 | 10 Things for 21 February 2021


1. adding… some poetry/freewriting exercises to my daily writing sessions, as a bit of a warmup. It’s going to take some time to really find my footing, but I think it’ll pay off in the long term.
2. trying… to figure out a better layout for the office. It’s such a frustrating space. (There’s only one wall that works for the bookshelves, all the outlets are in inconvenient spots. It’s a whole thing.)
3. shovelling… so much snow.
4. having… a stupidly stressful week. But the worst of it is over, finally.
5. getting… back to work on the photo thing that I had to set aside last spring.
6. planning… ahead for disruptions. They were still annoying, but at least I didn’t get annoyed with myself for not getting work done despite them.
7. freezing… all frivolous spending for a while. I got a little too comfortable in the months leading up to Christmas.
8. looking… forward to a big baking week. Bread! Cookies! Maybe muffins? We’ll see. (And unlike my last big baking week, this one’s all for fun.)
9. organizing… the bookshelves in my bedroom by colour. I know there are people that hate that system with a burning passion, and I wouldn’t do it everywhere, but I love the result. (It cuts down on the visual clutter, and makes the space so much more relaxing.)
10. starting… to think that I really am getting back on track.