Snapshot #171 | 10 Things for 7 February 2021


1. continuing… the decluttering project. I’ve moved on to old story outlines (so many index cards!) and notebooks, and it’s… weird. Difficult, but it’s such a relief to get rid of them.
2. overdoing… it when I carried the groceries home this week. Everything hurts. (And I’ll probably have to shovel snow tomorrow. Fun.)
3. trying… some new software.
4. putting… a very small dent in the TBR stack. (Which is about to become a TBR shelf.)
5. wondering… why every single thing I’ve ordered over the past two months (not that there’s a lot, but there’s enough) arrived over the space of two days. It wouldn’t be a problem, but the buzzer scares Lucy, and that makes me feel guilty.
6. starting… a new writing project that completely ignores all the routines and rituals I’ve built up around writing. Wish me luck.
7. feeling… stressed and overwhelmed. But motivated.
8. taking… a short break from baking anything but bread. I’m probably going to crack and bake some cookies soon.
9. finding… my way back to photography. The new gear helps, but it’s mostly just that the new gear has me thinking about possibilities again, and actively looking for things to learn. It’s good.
10. getting… ready to start a few (small) sewing projects.