Snapshot #170 | 10 Things for 24 January 2021


1. looking… forward to a break. January’s always busy for me (even these days), but it’s levelling out now.
2. updating… my inspiration board for the new year.
3. loving… the delightful weirdness of WandaVision. Even if the third episode made me cry.
4. eating… blood oranges. (I say this every year, but I love that they’re one of the few things that still has a clearly-defined season.)
5. trying… some new workouts.
6. starting… to get the hang of sourdough. And espresso. Practice is making perfect.
7. having… a very good writing week. The first one in a very long time.
8. getting… serious about the office revamp again.
9. pausing… all of my library holds until I can finish some of the books I actually own. (The TBR stack is getting ridiculous.)
10. focussing… on my priorities. Or trying to, at least. I’m getting there.