Snapshot #168 | 10 Things for 13 December 2020

A black and white photo of evergreen trees against a cloudless sky. Photo by Reghan Skerry


1. looking… for a good recipe for sourdough pizza crust. (Any suggestions? I’m also looking for interesting things to do with the discard.)
2. wrapping… all my Christmas gifts. Already. Kinda freaking myself out here.
3. getting… motivated for 2021.
4. accepting… that I’m not going to get the entryway painted before the end of the year.
5. figuring… out what’s been annoying me about the office. It’s the filing cabinet. The stupid little filing cabinet that somehow throws the entire room off. I haven’t figured out how to fix it, but this is a start.
6. waking… up in the middle of the night with a brand new story idea. The whole first act, in fact.
7. waiting… impatiently for deliveries. (Not holiday related—or not directly—so that takes some of the anxiety away. Still.)
8. making… jam for the first time in years. (Raspberry-blueberry, if you’re wondering. The farmer’s market had frozen wild blueberries, and I couldn’t resist.)
9. watching… the trailers for all the new Marvel shows. I’m giddy. (I’m giddy about the Star Wars shows, too, but that’s mostly theoretical until we get actual trailers.)
10. listening… to DJ Riko’s 2020 Christmas Mix. I know I say it every year, but: it makes me so happy when the new mix goes up—it’s one of my favourite traditions. ❤️