Snapshot #166 | 10 Things for 15 November 2020


1. feeling… like I can relax for the first time since 2016.
2. wrapping… up my running season. I was starting to lose too many days to rain (and snow), and it’s just less stressful to switch over to all-indoor workouts until spring.
3. discovering… a level of coffee obsession that I didn’t even know existed. (But I’m fascinated! I will never personally be brave enough to mod an espresso machine, but I love that that world exists.)
4. reading… poetry again.
5. buying… new boots. Here’s hoping I’ll get a chance to break them in sometime soon.
6. tweaking… something in my back. In my sleep.
7. editing… photos, however slowly.
8. starting… to feel a bit optimistic. (And prepared!)
9. making… gingerbread.
10. debating… whether or not to chop off my hair. I’m kind of desperate for the change, and I do normally go short in the fall, but it’s only just long enough that I can do something with it.