Snapshot #164 | 10 Things for 18 October 2020


1. worrying… about Lucy. I’m 90% certain she’s got a toothache, but the vet says she’s fine. She’s got some medication to increase her appetite, and that does seem to be helping. Wish us luck.
2. trying… to find socks that’ll stand up to Doc Martens (specifically: the amount of walking I do in Docs). It’s surprisingly difficult.
3. finding… my way back to a decent daily routine. I think.
4. sorting… out the issue with the photography gear I ordered back in August. Now I get to have some fun. And learn some stuff!
5. having… terrible luck with my succulents.
6. enjoying… sweater weather. Finally.
7. watching… Long Way Up. I loved Long Way Round and Long Way Down when they came out in 2004/2007, and this instalment has been the perfect balm for 2020. Though it’s not doing my wanderlust any favours.
8. feeling… anxious. (Mostly unrelated to #1.)
9. thinking… about how to blend the sort of writing I’m drawn to lately with the styles that come naturally to me.
10. getting… out of town with my camera for the first time in ages. Autumn leaves incoming.